About us

Proudly upholstering in Vancouver for over 40 years

We have established relationships with developers, designer, bars , restaurants and more. As professional upholsterers we bring quality craftsmanship to a wide variety of upholstery projects. We are always dedicated to providing excellent service.

Steps of our process

  1. Meeting with client and detailing the scope of work
  2. Customer materials selection
  3. Strip Down
  4. Foam and frame Inspection
  5. Replace foam and padding/ Sewing
  6. Securing top cover/ Fasten to frame
  7. Final Inspection and delivery

Production time

Finished pieces depend on furniture style, material and details. Average time for a couch is 1-2 weeks (with in-stock material) depending on project.

Why choose us

The driving force behind our reputation is our attention to detail and dedicated employees. Our team has invested a lot of energy in the development of our business. We place primary importance on customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship.

Our staff has 75 years of combined upholstery experience. Staff has worked in Europe and Canada for many years.


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